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(03) 9590 0700

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(03) 9590 0700

If you are interested in our ‘Menu Solutions’ Catalogue and pricelist please phone (03) 9590 0700 to arrange a time to have a Representative visit you and your business to discuss our products or to have an information package mailed to you.

Alternatively, fill in your details and someone from our Sales Office will contact you shortly.

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Get instant access to our entire range of menu solutions. Over 200 pages of products to help you easily scale your business with ease! Includes exclusive Gluten-Free and Vegan range.

Cut the prep and increase your revenue. 

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PHONE (03) 9590 0700

FAX (03) 9545 1885

Unit 1 / 7-17 Geddes Street


PO BOX 5225
Brandon Park VIC 3150